Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Outdoor Culture specialises in building high quality yet affordable, fully tiled customised pools. With over 20 years’ industry experience spanning construction, pool building and water treatment, we work with backyards and budgets of all shapes and sizes to create wow factor pools.


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FAQs - Swimming Pool Construction

Q: Should I go with a fixed price for a swimming pool?

A: Yes, for the pool and associated operating equipment. We do however recommend you enter a cost + agreement for the excavation and soil removal phase to ensure your contractor does not artificially inflate your pool construction cost with unforeseen site costs they incur when excavating.

Q: What approvals do I need?

A: Most pools can be built as a complying development project, and we can certainly assist with this process. If your pool does fall outside of these parameters, we canrefer you to one of our excellent designers who can help guide you through the Council DA process.

Q: How much will my pool cost?

A: Pool costs vary greatly depending on the site and access, but generally speaking a fully optioned tiled pool 7 x 4 metres will cost between $65K – $85K plus sitecosts. Other cost factors include tile selection and water treatment specifications.

Q: Should I get a concrete or fibre glass pool?

A: With a concrete pool, you’re not limited to set sizes as per fibreglass, allowingmuch more flexibility and the ability to create a pool specific to any dimension youdesire. We believe tiled concrete pools are far superior, they are easier to managein terms of water quality and have significantly longer life spans than fibre glass.Cost wise, the difference between fibreglass and concrete can be minimal.

Q: How long does it take to build an inground concrete swimming pool?

A: Dependent upon site conditions and approvals required, end-to-end construction time is between 3 – 6 months.

Q: If I have a small backyard, can I still have a pool?

A: Given that many pools are only used to cool off, a plunge pool is a viable option suitable for most backyards. A popular choice when there is limited space, plungepools can add some artistic flair to your property without dominating the space.

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